My original design for the wings ('Todd' design by Andrew Palmer). They were originally going to be transparent and reflective like dragonfly wings - the rainbow reflections giving it a magical feel.

My green screen set up on location - just big enough, phew!

An updated design for the wings based on the green screen shoot. (As Alan Rickman stood on table is feet were flat and I had to rebuild his legs in 3D).

A 3D build of the bedroom set - projected with reference photos. Originally I created it to get accurate reflections in the wings but it was also useful for lighting and shadows.

First wing rig in Maya using IK to drive a hair system and nCloth.

Testing shaders with my 3D room setup.

First test comp with rough shaders and lighting. At this point we realised the transparent wings looked to weak and flimsy so we decided to try heavier, moth-like wings.

Improving the nCloth rig to make it feel heavier and tattered at the edges.

Test comps of all the interior wing shots to check consistency.

Testing the rig for flying motion, also added the CG legs to help with his movement. He ultimately ended up much smaller in this shot.