My initial 'mood board' with reference photos and ideas for the look of the video.

The first thing I encountered when it came to turning the ideas in my head into a film was the camera angles. I shot some test footage around London but could only really shoot from the ground looking up. The only way to solve this (besides hiring a helicopter!) was to take still photos and project them onto 3D geometry. Below you can see some examples of that process.

Projecting stills this way gives me some freedom with the camera to do things that couldn't be done in real life.

If I push the camera too far though the effect is ruined.

Another impossible move (without a crane at least) where the camera takes off into the air. The images have to be projected onto several planes to give the correct perspective when the camera is moving.

A breakdown of the layers in 3D used to build up the intro and outro aerial shot.