A friend was planning to make a short film and asked me to do the CGI. It soon became clear that it was a pretty ambitious project so I managed to get help with compositing and grading from The Mill.
I modelled and rigged this snail a while ago but never did anythign with it. I recently decided to see if I could fool anyone online into thinking I found a super fast snail!
I got an opportunity to create a video for London Elektricity and jumped at the chance. Seeing the whole process through by myself in 3 weeks was quite a challenge!
I wanted to model something organic in mudbox and the first thing that came to mind was to look at skulls. I decided not to do a human skull but a (less familiar) gorilla skull.
I had some spare time and wanted to do something fairly high detail. I gathered lots of reference photos of amurai armour, chose pieces I liked and combined them.
For my second Mudbox model I wanted to try out more of the available tools and create something with more detail.
While teaching myself to use Mudbox I decided to do a quick muscle study to try out some of the modelling tools.
This is a model I built from architectural plans to give a better idea of what the building would look like when finished.
I modelled this just before starting work at the Mill. It was my first time modelling a car and it taught me some very useful techniques.